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Nutrition & Weight loss

Everyone knows they have to go on a diet plus exercise to lose weight but why do we still struggle with losing weight and keeping it off?!

Shooka Monazami our Nutritionist and live cell analyst believes the reason for all the struggles are that we don’t know our body well enough. We are not aware of its deficiencies. we don’t know if we have inflammations, hormonal problems or parasites. We don’t know which organ is stresses and so many other issues that might not have any symptoms and haven’t cause a disease yet but are the underlying cause of our weight gain. Blind fully we choose a diet and/or exercise program or pick up a supplement advertised on TV and we lose a few pounds and let it go  since it is not sustainable and as a result we not only gain what we lost, we even gain more weight.

Let’s do it right book an appointment to analyze your body and then with an expert help design a program specific to your needs. You will have all the tools to succeed once and for all.