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Shooka Monazami

Live Cell Microscopy, Elapromed Skin Care
Brief info

Shooka Monazami has graduated from Ryerson University with a Bsc. In food and nutrition. After researching and working in the nutrition industry for over 8 years, she extended her knowledge and expertise to include Live cell Microscopy as a big part of her practice. By analyzing the form and behaviour of each cell, Shooka is able to analyze your current nutritional needs and this allows her to recommend a health plan including diet, vitamin, mineral and other supplements tailored to your specific needs on the path towards healthier body and balanced lifestyle.

We are different. We all have bodies, minds, lifestyles, backgrounds and tastes which are unique to our individual physiology. Finding a health solution that addresses this rather diverse set characteristics would be an ideal program! Live cell Microscopy helps us create a plan of action based on each individual’s needs and goals.